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Space Availability - Information Commons

Four- and six-person study rooms are available on the second and third floor of the Information Commons.

  • Study rooms may be reserved 24 hours in advance
  • One booking, between 1-4 hours, is permitted each day
  • You will be asked to leave a study room if you don't have an active reservation
  • Packaged snacks and covered drinks are available from Gilmour's Connections Cafe and vending machines and are permitted
  • External meals and food deliveries are not permitted in the IC. Examples: pizza, burgers, burritos, checken, fries, ice cream, or other messy foods
  • Drinks are permitted in covered containers
  • Appropriate noise levels must be maintained. The IC 3rd floor is a quiet study area
  • Computer or mobile device audio may not be used without headphones
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